Hello and welcome!

I'm so glad you've decided to invest in yourself and your healing and join me in Level 0: Regulate. This is the foundation level where you're going to learn all about nervous system regulation, so that you can build a foundation for greater resilience, strength, and adaptability in your life, even during the most stressful times.

I encourage you to go through all of the content here and try all the tools and exercises. See what works best for you. You may find some are more interesting and helpful for you than others. The key is to be consistent with practicing them, and notice what changes happen as you do. You may notice certain tools are helpful for certain symptoms, or other tools are more beneficial for certain types of stressors, thoughts, or nervous system imbalances.

As you take note, you'll be able to identify which tools are most helpful in which circumstance in your life, and which tool can help when you experience one symptom or feeling over another. This will empower you to be able to harness your power within and create a solid base of inner strength and centredness.

As I mention during this level 0 programming, it's the foundation on which the deeper inner healing work lies. It's a mandatory first step before anyone going through my 1:1 mentorships or any group coaching programming can go deeper. It makes everything else work more smoothly and effectively.

If you purchased this level 0 program as a stand-alone, and decide that you'd like to go further, know there's information and a voucher for you in the last section of this program, called "what's next?". Please take advantage of the voucher if you'd like to continue your journey.

I hope that you enjoy the content of Regulate. It's such an important step to stepping into your fullest potential. Keep revisiting the content, because I've purposefully explained it in a layered way, so every time you come back to it, you will likely gain another layer from the teachings to help you on your journey.

If you have any questions about this program, you can email me at


Michelle Dowker, Msc, ND

Inner Awakening Facilitator


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