Trust Yourself

Do you tend to second guess yourself and have a hard time trusting your own judgment or decisions?

Would you like to feel crystal clear about what your inner guidance system is actually saying, and trust yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt?

You have an inner knowing within yourself that will direct you in more aligned ways than anything or anyone else can.

Learn how to decode and trust your intuitive hunches and calibrate your inner compass.

When you do, you will feel fully confident with your decisions at any given moment — no matter what anyone around you is saying or doing.

In this program Trust Yourself, you’ll get crystal clear on the language of your inner knowing. You'll know exactly what choices are best for you. And trust your decisions, fully and completely.

Even if your True North is other people's due south.

You'll trust your own judgement and your own answers with unwavering confidence.

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About the program

Trust Yourself guides you through a journey to learn how to decode, understand, and fully trust the language of your inner guidance system.

In this multi-faceted program, you'll gain access to perspective-shifting lessons that will change the way you see  and relate your intuition in an instant. Then, you'll go through subconscious shifting breathwork and hypnosis sessions to wire in your new perspective as your new set-point.

There are guided exercises, tools, and activities to help you get clear on what your intuition is trying to tell you, and how to trust it, fully and completely.

You'll discover that you have the answers within yourself. They've been there the whole time. This program will help you unlock them, once and for all.

What you get:

  • Helpful introductory tools to prepare your nervous system to better Trust Yourself
  • Two powerful and perspective-shifting module videos that will teach you how to decode your own inner knowing with effective tools, exercises, and life-changing guidance.
      • You'll see examples in real-time of participants going through the exercises and sharing their insights and inner process. Which will help you better understand and trust your own intuitive answers with crystal clarity
      • Each video is approximately 1 hour in length
  • A powerful guided Conscious Connected Breathwork session to rewire your subconscious and align yourself with the new perspectives you wish to move forward with
  • An effective hypnosis recording that will guide you to meet your higher self, learn exactly what it has to say, and how to keep in contact with your higher self any time you want.
  • A helpful essential oil blend recipe you can make for yourself to strengthen your inner trust, using principles from psychoaromatherapy.
  • Bonus content, including:
    • A guided visualization that shows you how to see your own personal True North more clearly than ever.
    • A powerful bonus workshop recording that deepens your journey towards infinite levels of self-trust.

What makes this special

This program is designed as a unique and comprehensive process that blends a number of different modalities that touch on several different ways of integration and healing. Based on science and energetic healing arts, intuition and logic, practical approaches and perspective shifts. This program incorporates both the mind and the body, the conscious and the subconscious -- all from a trauma-informed lens.

It is because of this multi-factorial approach that this program and its approach is so effective. Those who’ve tried all the things, including therapeutic diets, supplements, therapy, counselling, will find this different.

It’s created by a neurodivergent Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) for fellow sensitives, and based on personal healing and professional experience, including knowledge gathered from years as a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Certified Life Coach.

This is my own life’s work wrapped up in a bow for you, so that you don’t have to flounder around like I did trying to figure it out.

It’s a guided journey to help you see yourself in a whole new way, and trust and accept it, much faster and more smoothly than if you were to journey alone.

Trust Yourself program will guide you how to understand and trust the language of your inner knowing, so that you can feel unwaveringly confident with your decisions and life choices -- no matter what anyone else around you says or does.

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Who am I?

I'm Michelle Dowker, Naturopathic Doctor turned Intuitive Guide & Inner Awakening Facilitator. I guide empaths and sensitives to learn how to trust themselves again, awaken to their inner power, re-member who they are, Uncondition™ from what's holding them back from their inner freedom, and not just heal their lives and health, but transform and soar to new levels of purpose and potential they never even imagined could be possible.

These online programs are designed in a step-by-step manner. These were the steps I guided MYSELF through to heal from CPTSD from childhood trauma, endometriosis, and autoimmune symptoms that were not improving--no matter how much therapy, diets, supplements, or other treatments I tried, even with my knowledge as a Naturopathic Doctor.

For other sensitive souls like me who've tried it all, I hope this journey will save you from the years of floundering, confusion, and frustration it took me before I figured out this powerful journey of inner healing and awakening, starting with nervous system regulation. This is how I was able to claim my sensitivity as my superpower and step into the next level of my life, instead of feeling like I was broken and needed fixing.

My life is transformed, as are the lives of the clients I guide. I hope this program serves you well on your own healing journey so you can feel more clear, confident, grounded, and resilient; in any situation.

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