You’re ready to Uncondition™  from all the programming that led you to believe you’re not enough just as you are.

So that you can discover the magnificent power you have within you.

See that your sensitivity is really a superpower, not a weakness.

And Ignite your fire of inner strength, confidence, and empowerment.

Remember who you are…not what they told you to be.

The truth of your magnificence, your limitless possibility, fullest potential, and your truest expression at your very core.

You’re born with this knowing, before the world stepped in and conditioned you to believe otherwise.

Programming from family, society, culture, and more dictate how you “should” be and how you “should” act.

The experiences you had and behaviour modelled to you set up your beliefs — about yourself, others, and life in general.

And if you’re not aware of this programming — which is really like the Wizard of Oz — it controls you.

And when you don’t fit the mould of expectation of all those “shoulds” of conditioning, you begin to think there’s something wrong with you.

Like trying to fit a square peg through a round hole, you wonder why it’s not working. Why you struggle. And why it doesn’t feel good.

This can lead to you shaming yourself, feeling guilty if you can’t meet up to the standards of expectation that were set upon you.

You might abandon your own needs in order to achieve acceptance from others.

People pleasing, perfectionism.

Trying to somehow achieve that sense that you fit in somewhere. That you belong.

So that you don’t feel so broken.

The truth is, beautiful soul, you are not broken. You do not need fixing.

What’s broken is the conditioning.

What will relieve all that inner pressure, doubt, and confusion is to shed all that programming.


It’s like pulling back the curtain and seeing the Wizard for who he truly is — just a feeble guy pulling trick levers.

When you see it, it no longer has control over you.

Then, you can start to reclaim your power.

Then, you can start to see the truth of who you really are — a magnificent being here to live an incredible life.

But that conditioning has been preventing you from seeing that — like cloudy lenses on a pair of glasses.

Time to take the lenses off.

Time to Uncondition.

Then, you’ll start to see the power you truly have within.

You’ll start to deepen your inner peace and confidence.

And step into your true self, your centre. Regardless of what anyone else says.

Because once you Uncondition, other people’s judgements and expectations won’t affect you the same way.

It’s a journey to changing the way you see things, especially yourself.

When you shift how you see yourself, your conditioning, and the reality beneath the conditioning, absolutely everything in your life changes.

Ready for your journey?

It’s your time to remember who you are.

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About the program

Uncondition guides you through the first phase of the process I guide my own clients through in my 1:1 transformational mentorships.

This program was recorded with a live group in early 2022. Uncondition is one module out of the life-changing transformational program journey, IGNITE & RISE.

In this program, UNCONDITION, You'll get access to important prep-work to support nervous system regulation before diving in to the perspective-shifting Social Unconditioning journey.

Then, step into the main content of the program, which includes two powerful recordings filled with perspective-altering lessons, empowering teachings, and finally, re-wire your thoughts and anchor in your new ways of seeing things through a powerful guided Conscious Connected Breathwork Session.

You also have access to supportive bonus content that will help you continue your Unconditioning journey towards being truly you — with peace, confidence, and a sense of freedom like never before.

And if you decide you'd like to continue on to the more comprehensive online program, or you would like to join a 1:1 mentorship, included in the program is a voucher code to receive a discount equivalent to the price of this program that you can use towards IGNITE & RISE or a 1:1 mentorship.

Therefore, if you decide to deepen your journey past this program, you will have received this program essentially for free.

What you get:

  • Helpful prep and pre-work information and effective breathing tools to prepare your nervous system for Social Unconditioning
  • Two perspective-shifting, informative, and healing module videos that will change the way you see yourself, social conditioning, and life in general. Each video is approximately 1 hour and 15 minute in length
  • A powerful 28-minute guided Conscious Connected Breathwork session to rewire your subconscious and align yourself with the new perspectives you wish to move forward with
  • Bonus content, including a guided relaxation, Unlock Your Magic workshop recording, and supportive book recommendations to help you continue deepen your Unconditioning journey
  • A discount voucher that you can use towards the full IGNITE & RISE online program, or towards a 1:1 mentorship with Michelle
  • EXTRA BONUS: access to REGULATE nervous system regulation program to set a strong foundation so you can feel resilient and centred even during stressful times

What makes this special

Each teaching builds on each other to take you through a journey of inner awareness, healing, and awakening to the power and strength you have within to control your inner world, which then impacts your outer world and your interactions with the people in it.

This program is designed as a unique and comprehensive process that blends a number of different modalities that touch on several different ways of integration and healing, based on both science and energetic healing arts, intuition and logic, practical approaches and perspective shifts, all from a trauma-informed lens.

It’s a journey through your own inner experience, to shift your perspective from within yourself. Those who’ve tried all the things, including therapeutic diets, supplements, therapy, counselling, will find this different.

It’s created by a neurodivergent HSP for fellow sensitives, and based on personal healing and professional experience, including knowledge gathered from years as a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Certified Life Coach. You can learn more about my story here.

This is my own life’s work wrapped up in a bow for you, so that you don’t have to flounder around like I did trying to figure it all out.

It’s a guided journey to help you see yourself in a whole new way, much faster and more smoothly than if you were to journey alone.

This program, Uncondition, represents the first module of Level One of a larger, life-changing transformational program, IGNITE & RISE.

Level One of IGNITE & RISE in its entirety guides you through the initiation phase of this journey, to create a strong foundation to accelerate your awakening to your own inner power. Level Two builds on this foundation so you can step into the next level of your fullest potential, with a sense of inner freedom, confidence, joy, purpose, and ultimate self-empowerment. Click here to look at details and all the modules for the full IGNITE & RISE program

On its own, UNCONDITION will guide you to finally see the truth about the social conditioning that's held you back, so you can finally step into the truth and power of who you really are.

Who am I?

I'm Michelle Dowker, Naturopathic Doctor turned Intuitive Guide & Inner Awakening Facilitator. I guide empaths, sensitives, and people with chronic illness to learn how to trust themselves again, awaken to their inner power, re-member who they are, Uncondition™ from what's holding them back from their inner freedom, and not just heal their lives and health, but transform and soar to new levels of purpose and potential they never even imagined could be possible.

These online programs are designed in a step-by-step manner. These were the steps I guided MYSELF through to heal from CPTSD from childhood trauma, endometriosis, and autoimmune symptoms that were not improving--no matter how much therapy, diets, supplements, or other treatments I tried, even with my knowledge as a Naturopathic Doctor.

For other sensitive souls like me who've tried it all, I hope this journey will save you from the years of floundering, confusion, and frustration it took me before I figured out this powerful journey of inner healing and awakening, starting with nervous system regulation. This is how I was able to claim my sensitivity as my superpower and step into the next level of my life, instead of feeling like I was broken and needed fixing.

My life is transformed, as are the lives of the clients I guide. I hope this program serves you well on your own healing journey so you can feel more clear, confident, grounded, and resilient; in any situation.

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Want a sneak peek?

Here's a sample from the lesson 1 class:

Here's a sample from the lesson 2 class:

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