Levels 1+2 comprehensive program: IGNITE & RISE

Levels 1 + 2: Ignite & Rise

It’s time to Rise. Stronger than ever.

With purpose, joy, presence, and an unstoppable inner power.

Even when life throws you curveballs. No matter what other people are doing or saying around you.

It starts first with Igniting your fire of inner strength.

By moving past your blocks, Unconditioning from what’s not yours to carry, and finding your calm, confident centre, and learning how to tame the monkey mind.

Then, once you Ignite your fire within, you’re ready to Rise to the next level in your life's work.

To connect your pieces of your puzzle.

Make peace with yourself — all of you, even the shadowy parts that you hid away all these years.

The truth is, they’re not as scary as you thought, and it’s there where you find your wholeness. Your true sense of inner liberation.

Process the big feelings like anger and grief so that you no longer carry them around with you. So that they no longer control you.

And in the process, you learn how to harness them for your own benefit.

Then, Rise, beautiful soul, above the ashes of who you aren’t, so that you can step into the power of your true self, with deep confidence and clarity.

Become your own best friend. A coming home to you.

There, you’ll discover your purpose. Who you really are.

And awaken to a new level of knowing and being that you had never even considered possible.

You discover the potential you have within you.

And you come out feeling free. Liberated. More you than you ever thought possible.

It will change your life.

About the program

Ignite & Rise guides you step-by-step through the very steps I guide my own clients through in my 6-month 1:1 transformational mentorships, and the very steps I've guided myself through on my inner awakening journey.

You'll gain valuable insight through perspective-shifting lessons, and re-wire your thoughts and anchor in new ways of seeing things through powerful Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions.

This self-study program was recorded with a live group in early 2022.

You’ll not only receive the life-changing content, shifts, and deep transformational experience the participants received, but you will also see their journey, progression, and relate to them deeply.

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Topics covered in Ignite Level One:

1 — Nervous system regulation — to create a vital foundation so the rest of the work will flow with more ease.

2 — Social Unconditioning — Identify the programming that’s been holding you back and Uncondition so you can break the cycles and start feeling confident with your own self.

3 — Inner Child Healing — Meet and connect with yourself and your inner child, discover what developmental needs your inner child still desires, and then give them to yourself as the inner parent you had always desired.

4 — Self compassion & self worth — create a solid, unwavering relationship with yourself and see just how beautiful and powerful you truly are, and deeply believe it with every cell of your being.

5 — Self Trust — Decode the language of your inner knowing and learn to trust your intuitive hunches. Calibrate your inner compass so you can stand in your power and feel confident with your choices at any given moment.

6 — Let go of other people’s stuff & create boundaries— Stop caring what other people think, no matter their reactions. Feel confident in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries and living your life based on what you want for yourself.

Topics covered in Rise Level Two:

1 & 2 — Meet and find peace with your shadows — All parts of you are there for a reason, to help you, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. Even the parts you don’t fully accept. Once you meet them and make peace with them, they no longer have control over you. This is an important piece of the puzzle of healing emotional triggers, so they don’t affect you the same way

3 — Feel and release anger — Understanding anger, its roots, the messages it has for you, and balanced ways to express and process your anger will help you feel empowered by your anger, use it as a motivating force, and let it pass through you so that you can remain balanced in your centre.

4 — Process grief — We may feel grief over the loss of a loved one, but we may also feel grief over unmet expectations, what could have been, what you didn’t get to experience, that your reality now is not how you thought, and loss of identity. These emotions can weigh heavy on us and keep us from living from an empowered place. Understanding the roots of grief, and how to process these emotions through the stages of grief helps you stay in your power in your centre.

5 — Phoenix Rising — You’ve discovered that you find your light in the darkness, and discovered that these places are nothing to be afraid of. Now, you’re ready for your renewal, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, stronger than you were before. Burn what wasn’t working to the ground so that your real self can emerge in all its radiance.

6 — Purpose & inner truth — When you come home to yourself, see your authentic self, and express your truth, your purpose in life becomes increasingly clear. Your sense of meaning skyrockets to new heights, and you see how this moves you past survival and just getting by in life, to true fulfillment and joy.

7 — Awakening & being a self-leader — When you see the truth, it no longer has power over you, like revealing the Wizard behind the curtain. You awaken to a completely different way of being. Once you find your way with this important key, everything else falls into place. As your own life opens up in ways you never thought possible, you claim your role as a self-leader: in charge of your own reality and inner world. As such, you become a leader and example for others around you, who will respond differently as your own reality shifts. This is how we can heal the world.

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Timing of the program

The course is laid out in weeks from the topics above, as this was how the live course was conducted in real time.

You can choose to go through the material at whatever pace suits you best.

Each module contains a perspective-shifting lesson, a guided breath work session, and a quick and effective activity or reflection exercise to help you deepen your understanding or inner shift.

You also receive extra group coaching call recordings, essential oil blend suggestions, and helpful bonus content to support your journey.

What makes this special

Each module builds on each other to take you through a journey of inner awareness, healing, and awakening to the power and strength you have within to control your inner world, which then impacts your outer world and your interactions with the people in it.

This program is designed as a unique and comprehensive process that blends a number of different modalities that touch on several different ways of integration and healing, based on both science and energetic healing arts, intuition and logic, practical approaches and perspective shifts, all from a trauma-informed lens.

It’s a journey through your own inner experience, to shift your perspective from within yourself, connect with yourself, and become more of who you truly are and were always meant to be.

Those who’ve tried all the things, including therapeutic diets, supplements, therapy, counselling, will find this approach different.

This unique, gentle step-by-step process isn't just about learning information, but experiencing what inner shifts actually feel like--the shifts that change your perspective and your life.

While you will learn a lot and gain a wonderful collection of useful tools to support you through your shifts and any and all challenges in life, this program guides you to deeper levels than just that. You'll learn how to shift from just doing...into being. How to embody the changes, not just intellectualize them. This is a key that most programs lack. This is what delivers sustainable results that last the rest of your life. Because once you see it, you can't unsee it.

This revolutionary program is created by a neurodivergent HSP for fellow sensitives, and based on my personal healing and professional experience, including knowledge gathered from years as a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Certified Life Coach. You can learn more about me here

It's my own life’s work wrapped up in a bow for you, so that you don’t have to flounder around in confusion and frustration like I did trying to figure it all out. And you don't have to navigate a dark night of the soul like I had to in order to achieve the inner awakening results outlined here. This is a gentle process that delivers results, if you're ready to commit to yourself and the process.

It’s a guided journey to help you see yourself in a whole new way, much faster and more smoothly than if you were to journey alone. And as Wayne Dyer said, when you change the way you look at things (especially yourself), the things you look at change.


This self-study program gives you access to both the Ignite program vault and the Rise program vault with all of the content topics mentioned above. Your access does not expire. Both program vaults contain:

  • Perspective-shifting lesson recordings for each topic;
  • Belief rewiring Conscious Connected Breathwork recordings and hypnotherapy recordings for most topics
  • Reflection exercises, tools, and helpful activities for every topic to support your growth and progress (that don't take a lot of time, I promise!)
  • Bonus content, including workshops, q&a coaching call recordings, and lots more.

Here's a program participant describing her experience through levels 1 & 2:

And another program participant describing her experience:

What another participant had to say:

"The results are amazing. I am more myself than I have ever been, the moment when you feel yourself coming home to yourself is life changing. I am more aware of who I am, I am more calm and connected with myself. I feel free from the shackles the world and society has put on me.And I had put on myself. I see things very differently, I don’t react to people or situations the way I used to. I’m aligned with myself and understand what is good for me and what isn’t. Self love, is in abundance. It’s become a guiding light for me.

The biggest shift from level one was the perspective shifts I had, seeing circumstances and people, and their reactions differently. Connecting with my inner child and truly listening to her, knowing that she is guiding me.

The biggest shift from level 2 was coming home to myself. The work we did in this was hard, through anger, and grief and then finding our true selves. Level 2 had more of an impact on me, it was life-changing. Shedding old beliefs and really tuning into what serves me and what my true beliefs are. Now I feel free, unshackled"

Self-study feedback from current participants:

“This program feels like I step into a portal every time I log in. There’s so much compassion there. I feel an energetic change whenever I go through the material. It feels magical.”

"I'm really enjoying how this content is organized. It feels so powerful, every step is opening my eyes a little wider"

"I'm going through the material weekly like I was live with you. Wow, I'm blown away. This is really helping me."

"Your Ignite course is helping me change the way I look at things and thus the things I look at are changing. I see it starts with me. Thank you"

Questions? Email michelle@wellbalance.ca  

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